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Welcome to! Our site initially began with the idea to find and collect data concerning the Korean movie industry with the hopes of analyzing and presenting it in interesting ways. Our hope was that somewhere in this process we would find some interesting bits of knowledge regarding trends or things that distinguish the Korean movie industry from other nations. A long the way we made the troubling discovery that although the Korean movie industry is seeing growth, a very small group of companies exercise too much control over what movies South Koreans can see. Both being avid movie fans and viewing movies as a valuable art form for presenting ideas and as a tool of free speech, we were deeply saddened when we realized how much control a small group of companies has over the entire industry, and ultimately over what movies can be produced, released, and distributed in South Korea. This website will illustrate our point that the Korean movie industry operates as an oligopoly, and give examples of why it is important to be aware of such facts.